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Hold It Mate

Planting systems for the deck.  
Space is always something that has plagued growers. Either in the garden, or on the deck or patio. Capturing the sun is always something that keeps growers busy. With the Growermate Rack, we solve these problems and then some. The rack only takes up only 2.75 sq ft of space, while providing a sturdy home for up to 18 plants on two sides. Finding the sun is easy – the Growermate Rack is on wheels! Spin around to allow more sun on the back, slide across the deck to hit the morning sun – you can even spin the pots towards the sun allowing for more even growth! It's a vertical garden that fits just about anywhere! The Hold It Mate - Reconnect with your Deck! this system allows you to connect an accessory rail to your current deck railing and then add plant rings, planter brackets, shelves and more right to your deck railing without harming it!

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