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TIAB INC (String Light)

Vintage Light Bulbs.  
TIAB INC is a family of business units founded in June 1998. We started as a private corporation in Costa Rica. Since then we’ve been designing and manufacturing products around the world in places like Costa Rica, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Brazil, Taiwan, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, and China a set of products. Today with worldwide presents we now have factories in all parts of the world to meet the demand of our clients. In 2008, we expanded our footprint with a new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, with regional offices and assembly warehouses throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Now our footprint is worldwide and producing our portable tables with ecofriendly materials.

Address:     848 N. Rainbow Blvd. Suite: 1374 Las Vegas, NV 89107
Email:     Contact:  
Phone:    (702) 946-9430   FAX:  (949) 544-0380


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