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Darwin's Garden

Nutrient deficiency reference card.  
Greetings! We are Darwin's Garden a company that was founded on the inspiration to support gardeners become more organized, efficient and effective in they’re gardening practices. At the moment we offer laminated field charts that allow gardeners compare and contrast to identify nutrient deficiencies, diseases, and insects while offering organic remedies on the backside. These charts are beautifully designed and very effective in identifying the most common garden ailments known in North America. We are also offering a PLANting Calendar that allows gardeners to log chores and environmental conditions while tracking particular varieties planting and harvest dates. On the flipside the calendar offers USDA grow zones for particular vegetables with detailed planting and harvest dates. We are also currently working on a phone app that will enable gardeners to visually track their gardens progress while supporting diagnosing particular disease, bug, and deficiency problems.

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